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program overview

“Common Ground” is a collaboration of the Kalamazoo County Land Bank, Kalamazoo County MSU Extension/Master Gardeners and and other supporting organizations. garden This new program is designed to support community gardens throughout Kalamazoo County, with a special emphasis on those that serve low-income and food-insecure residents.

Using funds from the Kalamazoo Community Foundation and numerous other sources, the program offers resources to organizations and individuals who wish to start or improve community gardens in Kalamazoo County. These resources include land, garden tools, soil, plants and seeds, education and outreach, and funding.

what we're doing:

Common Ground is a community-wide effort to promote and support gardening in neighborhoods, schools, churches and shared properties throughout Kalamazoo County.


Information and resource sharing are at the heart of this informal network, which provides classes, tool lending, grants and even the prospect of land acquisition and improvement, thanks to community funds and support of organizations that recognize the value of gardens in community development.

The Kalamazoo County Land Bank, Michigan State University Extension Service, and other area organizations are working to align resources to help elevate the importance of community gardening.

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common ground

For more information about Common Ground and it's programs, contact us at
The Kalamazoo County Land Bank
phone: (269) 762-6191