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Trybal Revival Gardens


1429 E. Michigan

Name: Dale Abbott & Tomme Maile
facebook: Trybal Revival Gardens

There are 2 Gardens at Trybal Revival:

• TrybalRevival Eastside Community Garden (in the 1400 block of East Michigan Ave), now in it’s 3rd year, consists of about 20 raised beds. Most of the beds are gardened individually by specific people/families, but a few beds are reserved for shared gardening each year. A pergola stands in the garden with some grape plants stretching up it’s legs to one day provide welcoming shade for visitors. The primary water source is a rainwater collection system from the roof of the garden managers’ house next door where rainwater is collected in barrels and gravity fed to the community garden. A second faucet hooked to city water is also available as a back up.

• Trybal Revival Eastside Eco-Garden (in the 1500 block of East Michigan Ave). These lots once held a couple of dilapidated, abandoned houses which were demolished, creating this pocket of vacant land.Trybal Revival has partnered with the Kalamazoo County Land Bank to convert these 4 vacant lots into community greenspace. This south-sloping space is being developed into a food forest using the principles of permaculture.