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It's All In the Planning!

garden plan

One of the most important aspects of a successful garden doesn't even happen in the garden. It happens in your head, and on paper . . . Plan before your plant!

Consider what you've had success with (and what you haven't!). Think about rotating your "crops" so you're not growing the same things in the same space you did last year. Do you want to leave room for successive planting so everything doesn't get ripe at the same time? What were you're biggest obsticles last year and how can you combat them this year? What do you like to EAT . . . that's always the best stuff to plant!

Check our Class Schedule page for a listing of classes in the area that will help you plan your garden and get off to a good start before you even set foot in the garden!

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common ground

For more information about Common Ground and it's programs, contact:
Catie Boring at the Kalamazoo County Land Bank
phone: (269) 216-9681