corner of Eleanor & North Burdickn


Name: Carol Hodges & Deb Doerschler
email: chodges.Kalamazoo@charter.net< & ddoerschler@rosestreetadvisors.com


Around 2004, the idea of a downtown community garden was conceived at a Downtown Development Authority-Citizen’s Advisory Council (DDA-CAC) meeting. Finding the appropriate location for the garden was a challenge. Early on several possibilities were explored, but did not develop.

In spring for 2013, Will Derouin (Permaculture Coordinator in the Office of Sustainability at Western Michigan University), Brian Persky (Planning & Development Coordinator at DKI), and members of the DDA-CAC decided to pursue a piece of property at the corner of Eleanor Street and North Burdick in downtown Kalamazoo.

What developed was a garden measuring approximately 20′ x 50′. Ten 3’x8′ raised beds were planned. Four beds at approximately 20″ in height. Six at approximately 30″ in height. And 36″ aisle ways are planned between all beds to more easily accommodate wheelchair access.

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